Friday, November 26, 2010

Dark god

With my love he became a god blossoming in the endless nights we spent away from our fellow beasts; a dark god concurrently devouring solar systems and my tiny, nude body that longed for continual fusion with his. Desperately cleaving, strangling like a loving vine. Truculent rituals and sacrifices were necessary to prepare my ugly, wounded heart for this arcane union; painful coalescence that we secreted in the sunless regions inside ourselves to protect and honor it's penumbral beauty. Like all heretics, we were forever fleeing the orthodox who would bind and restrain this sacred thing that was ours alone; to attempt to name it, to map it's boundaries and borders, to restrict something so strange and wild is to extinguish it, to stifle it's rabid virility and reckless frailty that by virtue of it's extreme frailty had to be preserved at all costs. In the car with our hands clasped we drove all night; nocturnal creatures bathing in blessed moonlight. We grew tired and our car crashed but we continued driving, eternally evading our harrowing, hounding pursuers; driving toward something that we achingly longed for, toward a repose that shocks with it's simplicity and gentle, auroral light.