Friday, October 21, 2011

The conquering army

I was still and silent. I felt his force, tasted the metallic coldness of his rifle in my mouth. My vomit came in violent waves, blood and bile. His heavy breathing and sweat were pathetic, tears were streaming down my face as I understood the mindless banality of wickedness. I pitied the young soldier plagued with the errors of the conquering army. All they've won is the earth saturated with a cosmic sense of loss and their own infirm, transient bodies. When I was younger I knew God was alive because I sensed him in the changing of the seasons and the regeneration of barren seed. Now I experience Him even more directly in the violence of the young soldier and the transcendence of his brutality.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Deformed Offspring That Grow To Murder Mother

The teeth that sever your genital organ
Come from mother's savage mouth
She castrates and mutilates her perfect child
Because she fears his deformed offspring

Her love for you grieves her deeply
Wild and primal is her love
So true it causes the loved one to fear
So true it causes you to fear

And now we see her standing in the ocean
With your genital organ in her hand
and your bright red blood on her mouth

Two mothers forever brutalizing
So uniform they coalesce

So mother disappears and all she leaves behind
is the frenzy and ecstasy
That found it's seat in your throbbing heart
When you came to understand her love