Thursday, March 21, 2013

Antipater in Cimmeria #84 (Fairy Tales)

I saw father in a waking vision this morning
He was standing on the deck of a ship with no crew
Traversing a throbbing, turbulent, limitless sea

He called out to me over the hiss of waves:
“You are slumbering in a land that will remain dark
Until ecstasy nests in your lonesome body

The knights have been killed in foreign lands
The king enjoys the quiet sorrow of his empire
My tired body has been broken against rocks

No one is returning to bring the light
Call if forth from yourself in the endless night”
(Kelsey Bee)

Elpis in Cimmeria #83 (Fairy Tales)

Cleansed of my body by shrieking, supernal waves
As I tried to swim toward that distant homeland
Where the earth is ravaged by gentle love and light
And the children are both sea and horizon

Fish my decaying body from the raging sea
Resurrection; crops bursting from stony winter ground
Cleaving, like sturdy vines to the stakes of endless life
Learning to love in the darkness as well as the daylight
(Kelsey Bee)

Hypatia in Cimmeria #82 (Fairy Tales)

I dip my hands into the River of Life that flows
So surely and swiftly from a source inside myself
Gather hush from moonlight and silence from the water
Smear mud in my wound, the primitive wound of birth

Release the rabid, savage beasts from their prison
Shatter the tablets of the law, tear down the idols
Set fire to the city in my ravaged heart
And learn to live in the ruin and the rubble
(Kelsey Bee)

Xenon in Cimmeria #81 (Fairy Tales)

Wash the dead man's blood from my hair in the creek
Hold me so close, I feel like dying
Aged hands clasping by fire's ancient light
Hold me so close, I feel like dying

Chased through dead forests, hunted by dogs
Hold me so close, I'm afraid of dying
Bruised by the cold and starving to death
Hold me so close, I'm afraid of dying
(Kelsey Bee)

Theron in Cimmeria #80 (Fairy Tales)

Press my eyes, sister
and force me to drink poison and grief
Until I have visions
Of the land where we go to be redeemed

Mother and father
Have taught us the value of sorrow and longing
I came to understand
Renewal, earth, menstruation, pistil and stamen

Salvation is in the dirt
That nourishes the seed and not the flower blooming
Blooming is just
The first graceful flush that conceals decay and rebirth
(Kelsey Bee)

Zopyros in Cimmeria #79 (Fairy Tales)

Moonlight. Let's have more than our share of the night.
Swallow it, take in huge lungfuls until we gasp for air.
When you kiss my frozen, blue lips and a death blooms
You'll finally know how sorrowful are the ways of man.

Touch that child's hand, see him pull away?
There's bile in his vomit and blood from his anus
flows into the reckless, lonesome river of night.
You finally know how sorrowful are the ways of man.
(Kelsey Bee)

Sophus in Cimmeria #78 (Fairy Tales)

I sleep face down in a pond
Bulrushes sprouting from an old wound
A sora gracefully lands on a stem
With a baby serpent in it's bill
Hops down and beats it lifeless
Against my emaciated body
(Kelsey Bee)

Thais in Cimmeria #77 (Fairy Tales)

Hunger and thirst and longing, Mother
Naked feet on the frozen winter ground
Ravenously drinking from mud puddles
Hands broken and torn by labor and lack

I've been killed by father in the forest
He threw my tiny body in a blackberry bush
Thrushes that nested in my heart resurrected me
And I returned home to lay primroses at daddy's feet
(Kelsey Bee)

Pelagia in Cimmeria #76 (Fairy Tales)

Sister waits in the clearing with Plague and Famine
For the dark red Harvest moon of God's love
To ravage her flesh like a rabid animal
And annihilate the world of man inside her

A cathedral is being erected in her heart by unseen hands
Spires meant to pull suns from their orbit
A child who died is lying on the cold, stone floor
and wild animals are devouring the body in a frenzy
(Kelsey Bee)

Nereus in Cimmeria #75 (Fairy Tales)

On the road I met a god with burnt black skin
and the symbol of a full moon on her forehead
She asked if I could cure her of her godhood

I pulled her close to me and caressed her
Ran my mouth over her wounds and scars
And loosened the solar systems tangled in her pubic hair

She gave birth to a disfigured, strangled child
Who rose from the temporal valleys of death
and sat on her lap while she gently wept
(Kelsey Bee)

Hagne in Cimmeria #74 (Fairy Tales)

Mother and father are hunting for me
But I'm hidden where they can't search
I'm concealed in the stinging nettles and thorns
And the deranged ecstasy of endless night

Corruption and birds of prey sleep next to me
And I drink blood with wild dogs
The gentle decay of Autumn
Trees and animals dying
(Kelsey Bee)